What is PublishingLife?

PublishingLife was founded in March 2020, but our story started long before that. Back in 2016, our founders, twin brothers Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen, were attending community college in New Jersey, delivering Chinese food 4 days a week… and completely lost. They knew if they did nothing and just followed the same path as everyone around them, they’d soon be spending 40 hours a week in an office cubicle, shackled to one location in the world and working hard to make someone else rich and happy.

Just the idea of needing to ask for permission to take a break from work was enough to know this life path would make them extremely unhappy. They knew the world was meant to be explored and life should be full of unforgettable experiences and emotions, not just spent working on meaningless tasks for a paycheck.

It was clear the only way to have complete freedom and control in life was by being their own boss and building something that could run entirely online.

Our mission: Freedom for all

Rasmus and Christian spent the next years trying, failing, but always getting up again and ultimately created the exact life they had dreamed of. They've since lived all around the world in Hawaii, Bali, Mexico, Spain and crossed off every bucket list travel destination like the Maldives, Japan, Santorini, Egypt, Italy and Cuba... All because of Amazon digital publishing.

Words cannot describe how grateful they are for the impact book publishing has had on their lives and there is no better feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment than being able to create that same impact in someone else's life.

All these results and we're just getting started.

In March 2020, it was clear to Rasmus and Christian that their job was too big for just two people, which is why they created, a team of people all obsessed with achieving the same goal: To help as many people as possible achieve the same life-changing amounts of freedom and happiness through Amazon book publishing.

We've been very successful in our goal so far, but we are just scratching the surface. We have many projects in the works to reach more people and help at an even deeper level. The world of working online is changing every year which is why our #1 priority is always staying up to date with the best training and teaching in the industry.

Meet the team

Christian Mikkelsen
Founder & CEO
Rasmus Mikkelsen
Founder & CEO
Laura Mikkelsen
CEO of Publishing Life Services
Charlotte Mikkelsen
Creative Director
Shahmir Nasir
Daniel Locke
Head Coach
Nick Morrison
Community Manager & Coach
Cody Smith
Churchill Adoga
Customer Success Manager
Autumn Anaxyrus
Social Media Manager
Dace Anaxyrus
Customer Success
Hannah Coley
Community Success

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